Mads Fog Nielsen

Technical Artist - Generalist

I have experience with most platforms ranging

from mobile to console, and team sizes of 1-40 people.

I love a challenge and problem solving is in my blood.

Get in touch with me using the links below.


FRANTICS is a PlayLink party-game where you and up to three friends face off in a variety of arcade-style mini-games hosted by a scheming, manipulative and... charmingly unfair Fox. He will do anything to stir up controversy, encourage backstabbing and generally incite chaos.


Shaders, Workflow, Tools

Air Hogs connect

Air hogs connect is a Augmented reality game that tracks a drone in that the player flies in the real world in real time. It a great bridge between physical and digital play and is sure to grab the eyes of kids everywhere.


Optimization , Tools

Dig It

Dig it is a simulator game about excavators, this game will put you in the driver's seat of multiple excavators and allow you to build you own company from the ground up.


Tools, Shaders, Workflow, Optimization

Lego Elves

Lego Elves is a app full of minigames set in the universe of the Lego elves. It was created together with a series to market the franchise.